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Roof Repair: DIY or Call a Roofer

Roof leaks typically cause damage to your property, both structural and cosmetic, inside and out. Sometimes the source of the leak is easy to find but many times it is quite difficult. The reason is that once water seeps into the structure, it can run along beams for a number of feet before dripping through a wall or ceiling. That’s why locating the leak source may be tricky and roof repair is needed.

So unless you are 100% sure of the cause of a leak, call a roofing contractor to get an inspection and a roof repair estimate.

Do the Roof Repair Yourself- or Not?

Many property owners are handy, so tackling a roof repair seems a good way to save money. Unless you have actual roofing experience, it is usually best to call a roofing repair contractor that knows how to get the job done. The most important reasons follow!

Personal Safety Should be Your Largest Concern

Roofing professionals have the know-how and equipment to work safely at all times. If you climb up the roof with your tools and supplies, anything can happen!  Even if you don’t fall, a tool or some roofing materials could fall and hurt a pedestrian…then you will be sued.
Roofing contractors are safety conscious and INSURED against such occurrences, so why take the risk? When you consider all the pitfalls, it is easy to see why DIY is not the way to go.

Do It Smart…Protect Your Downside!

Make your life simpler by calling a professional in to handle the roof leak. Don’t look to save some money Doing It Yourself, and exposing yourself to potential personal and financial risks. It isn’t worth it.

A roofer will get the job done right the first time and have it fixed quickly. If you don’t get it right, then more damage could occur to the property, which could cost more in the long run.


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    Roof repair can be a tricky job. Here are tips to help you decide to DIY or call a roofing contractor.